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Viktor Blom

Posted on February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

For more than a year, Viktor Blom was a mystery in the poker world. He is more active at virtual poker world as compared to live tournaments. In 2009, he was able to compete with some of the best online poker pros in the world. He is a well experienced and respected poker player doing wonderful in the poker industry. We were able to deduce his play through online world, rest of things were mystery. It was 2010 when Viktor Blom was speculated as young European poker player. He is popular as Isildur1 in online poker world. He is very much focused and dedicated to poker tournaments.

He is not very much open in front of media. This is the reason we don’t know much about his early life. He draws attention of plenty of players when he plays online. In 2010, PokerStars signed a sponsorship deal with Isildur1.

Today, he is taken as one of the most amazing players in the poker world. Everyone wants to participate with Isildur1 to gain some experience and knowledge. He is very much clear about his strategies and tactics. This is only his experience that makes him different from others. He has made incredible profit through online poker games.

During an interview, number of things was revealed about the mysterious man, PokerStars was also trying to contact Isildur1 personally. There was a time when he was most talked person in the poker history. However, he has decided to stay away from media to avoid controversies. He wanted to keep his private life to himself only. He has number of final tables during his entire poker career. He still wanted to achieve a lot in the poker field. He is continuously practicing to improve his poker skills. It is really incredible to achieve such success at this young age.


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