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Posted on October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are approximately 50+ events every year at the WSOP and most victories are won by really one time chance winners, who might never again be that much lucky again. That is the smile of dame luck on those one time winners.  For the last 43 years, 110 poker players have won multiple WSOP tournaments.

Let us have a look at some outstanding all time players.

Phil Ivey – 5 Bracelets and 26 Cashes. He is one of the players who won 3WSOP bracelets in a single year. He is also referred to as “The Tiger Woods of the Poker”.

Allen Cunningham – 5 Bracelets and 33 Cashes He won 3 bracelets in 3 consecutive years.

Chris ‘JESUS” Ferguson- 5 Bracelets 51 Cashes 1 Main Event Victory. He ranks fifth behind Phil Hellmuth, Men Nguyen, T J Cloutier and Berry Johnston.


The World Series of Poker Committee every year announces the nominees for the induction ceremony of the Poker Hall of Fame. This occurs during October of every year and its aim is to highlight those players whose achievement is this poker field has been outstanding along with their contribution to the industry. Voting will be from normally the current members and from those nominated from public offices.

The criteria for deciding the eligibility will be along these lines:

.   He must have played the game against any recognized top competition.

.   Have at least 40 years of age at the time of proposal.

.   Played unswervingly well, attaining the respect of his/her peers.

.    Has stood the test of time in career

.  In the case of even non-players, whosoever has donated to the overall success of poker game.

High stakes online poker television program is also very popular in the U.S., in cable TV network called GSN.


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