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PokerStars Championship Bahamas Witness Exceptions

Posted on February 23, 2017 in Darvin Moon Poker

The first PokerStars Championship Bahamas has reached to its final level and there are six players making into the final round.

Michael Gentili of Canada has got the lead from Christian Harder and going into the final.

In the event, the big game player of PokerStars Nadya Magnus and the team of PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier departed from the event early. November Niner Cliff Josephy is also among the six players that have reached to the final round. Not only he has made his way to the final round, but he is also the shortest of the final six players. On the day 5 of the event, there were 16 players present, each has the dream to compete for a final table stack. The event showed some unexpected and interesting turn. The first two players from three who were eliminated were known to be the best poker players in the room.

Major twist in game remained on the final day as well, where many legends of pokers were eliminated and also some dominated. Even one of the best Poker Pro Mercier couldn’t catch up and was eliminated. After some time he was accompanied by Michael Bartholomew, Alan Schein and Marcin Kapkowski. However, Harder is playing well and maintaining a good position in the event.

Cliff Josephy is also performing well and on his way to final five. Though, his game is on survival mode still hopes are high on him.

Presently, seven players are in the tournament competing in tough conditions. It is still hard to predict who will be the winner of the tournament, because, there are many up and down going on in the fifth round. Nevertheless, by dominating Harder on the fifth day of the event, Gentili has generated some hope of winning the tournament.