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“Poker Is The Game Which Is Played With Skill, Not Chance”

Posted on July 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

The order passed by a single-judge bench holding the game of poker as ‘gambling and illegal’ has been challenged by Indian Poker Association (IPA) before a division bench of the Gujarat high court. The IPA has said that the game of poker is the game of skill and not of chance.

At the beginning of this month, Justice R H Shukla had ruled that the game of poker is a chance and, thus, it should be considered as gambling. A division bench, which was headed by the Chief Justice issued notice on Thursday to the state government as well as other concerned parties and posted hearing on the petition to 23rd of January. On this date, the division bench is also probable to hear points on the demand to stay the order of the single – judge bench.

For questioning the order of single-judge one of the grounds was the reliance on high court on ancient scriptures. The petitioners of judgment have submitted that in place of believing on data in the game, “the judgment of the council focuses on unfounded and unrelated principles, such as the Bhagavad Gita, to reach to the conclusion that poker would constitute gambling.”

The appeal of petitioners has also questioned the reliance of single-judge bench “on a supposed societal impact of gambling by comparing it to sports betting, and then continuing to discuss the bad of gambling as mentioned in the Rigveda and Manu, and ignoring the aspect of poker as being a game that involves a substantial degree of skill.”

The IPA has requested in court to nullify the order given by the single-judge bench and declare that the game of poker falls under the exception and it involves the skill and involve brain and calculations.