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MCCS poker event brings ranks together

Posted on March 3, 2016 in Darvin Moon Poker

On 30th Jan, 2016, the Combat Center Marine Corps Community Services arranged a Texas Hold’em Tournament at the Hashmarks Staff Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club. The Marine Corps Community Services along with help from Staff NCO Club Advisory Board, arranged the event to promote the club as well as bring the Combat Center community closer together.


MCCS, the catering events coordinator, Food and Hospitality at MCCS, told that there are people on base who does not realize that all the different clubs are open to everyone. They wanted to encourage the club when letting everyone relish themselves.
The event was open to anyone 18 years old or older. Money attained through entry fees as well as extra purchases went into the winnings as a Combat Center Base Exchange gift card. Over fifty people took part in the event.
Cpl. Benjamin Ferrell said that people of all ranks are playing here and that makes tonight about enjoying the game.

The people playing as well as those in the audience relished food and drinks from the restaurant while also having a look at an Ultimate Fighting Championship battle. As the evening went on, the players had a scope to win raffles hosted by Marine Corps Community Services and individuals who did not win in the event were given prizes for their participation.
Coward told that they wanted people to relish and enjoy themselves while being able to interact with each other. This event is a great way to bring the different people of the Combat Center together.