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John Racener

Posted on August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

John Racener was born in Dunedin from Florida and loved competition right from his childhood. Any game where there was immense competition took his fancy and he always played to win. Since his early childhood, he took to competition in a healthy manner and this was the reason why he became a great poker player. Though his tryst with the game of poker began at a very early age, he still found time to complete his education and ensure that he had a degree so that he could find a job if necessary. His penchant for the game of poker was so great that he did not require any other form of inspiration to reach his goal.

John Racener loved challenges and accepted them with all the gust and vigor. It did not take long for him to understand that apart from the fighting spirit, it took a lot of dedication to win a game of poker. The support of his mother was enormous and this was the basic reason for his success. She was the one who first deposited the fees for his first game on online poker when John Racener was just sixteen. This first deposit multiplied over the years and he had won more than he had ever dreamt of.

As he was a very ambitious person, John Racener also had the resources to fulfill his ambitions. Though he had completed his education, poker had always been his priority and this is the reason why he came back to the game after he finished his education. When he started playing live tournaments, he already had a large amount of cash stashed away in his bank which he had won from online games and cash tournaments. When he started playing the live games, his experience as an online player came handy and his winning streak began within no time. His confidence in himself made him win half the game before it even began.


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