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Events At WCC 2017

Posted on September 16, 2017 in Darvin Moon Poker

After the Barcelona PokerStars Tournament, those who wish to know which poker tournament event to follow can choose to follow the World Cup of Cards.

This is now on at the Playground Poker Club located close to Montreal. The contest will continue till 13th of September. This year’s edition of this contest having started already, there is much attention being drawn to it, especially the guaranteed prize pool money being a lump sum, $4, 500, 000. Indeed, the contest has just started and as the participant’s file in, things will surely get more exciting in the coming days.

The WCC 2017 version kicked off with a Live Grand Prix event of $220. Here the players competed for a prize money pool of $1,000, 000.

Raphael Duval was the winner of the Grand Prix event and was able to take home a grand sum of $200,000 that he won. This was certainly a big increase from the live cash amount of $500 which he had on him before the event started.

WCC had several side events lined up for the first few days. These comprised of $110 Big Ante or the $550 8-Max Freeze event. Each of these events saw a lot of competition among the participants and the prize pools went beyond the guaranteed sum as well. The big events of CPPT World Cup of Cards were held during the weekend of Aug 25th to Aug 28th. The tournament included Hold’em events of large sum guarantees on the first two days of the weekend. There has been an addition to the event, termed the Canadian Poker Championships. With a massive amount guarantee and Hold’em Events this championship also features a Phase structure whereby players can play into an event by simply paying an amount of $220. There are several novel events planned in the forthcoming days of this championship.

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