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Darvin Moon

Darvin Moon is an amateur American poker player. He was born in Western Maryland town of Oakland. He is a logger by profession and runs a small logging company with his family members. He spends most of his time at the logging sites and spent most of his free time with his family. He first played poker with his grandfather at a very young age but did not get scope to pursue it later in his life. When the load in the logging business was less, he used to teach himself to play poker mostly by observing others play. Gradually his interest in the game grew and he started playing in local clubs but he never took it seriously and only played when he got time from his work. His work involved a lot of hard work so he always needed some recreation and that is how he picked up poker.

Prior to making it big in the poker world, Darvin Moon had a very difficult time as he was entangles in various legal battles. He hit a lean patch in his business and he could not pay his bills, soon he owned quite a sum from the banks, around $20,000 from one bank and $15,000 from another bank and found himself in a tough spot. He was also charged with cases of forgery, issuing dishonored checks and other such cases that really devastated him. Then he had a streak of hope when he made it to the World Seies of Poker in 2009. His qualification in the World Series also came like a dream as he won a tournament which enabled him to compete in the World Series. He made it to the final table despite making some early losses and despite that he had 25%of the total chips in the game with him.

Darvin Moon played some exceptional poker and ended up in the second spot making a lot of prize money in the process. After he became so famous, people began to dig up his past but he was never afraid of it and he accepted all the charges that were made against him and was finally able to clear out his dues.

Darvin Moon was also able to expand his business and shift to a house from the trailer where he and his family lived for so long. He continued his logging business and played poker at the same time.

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