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Craig Mccorkell: A Hit Poker Player

Posted on December 17, 2016 in Darvin Moon Poker

Craig is a professional poker player from London.

This player has a very positive attitude and he is always satisfied with his earnings. This player has a very sharp brain and is very intelligent player. Craig is very much concerned about the game he is playing and he plays the game with no stress and plays the game vey leniently and in a stress less way. He is always happy and satisfied with the outcome of the results of the game. This player choose poker as his profession at a very young age and he is very much happy proud and satisfied with his profession. When he first began with the game as his profession at that time he faced some problems but late he became very much successful and played the game with more energy enthusiasm and played with full of his skills.

He has 18623 people talking about him and his playing skills. He is very tricky player and loves his game and profession. He has total earnings of $1780004 this is a good amount that he has achieved. He has achieved good but not completely satisfactory he wants to achieve more and be one of the finest poker players.

In the all-time money list he ranks at the 43rd position. He began with his professional poker career in England.When he began with his home town it required little time to adjust but later with more practice he achieved well and finally reached the destination.

His best live cash was $441940, this was his best live cash that he has won this match he played was very difficult and he had many skilled professional poker players playing with him. He ranks at the 613th position in the all-time money list current rankings. He ranks at the 598th position in the all-time money best ranks. He ranks at the 397th position in the popularity rankings he ranks at the 124th position in the global poker ranking index.