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Darvin Moon- A Brief Look.

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Playing professional games is a very hobby of many players. In the field of Poker games, many turn out to be the same. Among professional players in the field of Poker, Darvin Moon is an American amateur player who turned out to be the runner-up of the game by the year 2009 WSOP. Darvin Moon dwells at Oakland. Before playing Poker game, Moon owns a business which is very much a small logging company with his family members. The playing of Poker started in himself, when he started playing the game with his grandfather during his young ages.

Professional Player:
The playing of Poker was much frequent in his days by the year 2006. Moon was called using his nick name Luddite Logger, for which turns out to be rather than technological, and hence this name. Moon had a very casual approach in playing Poker game. The game which was held in the year 2009 is the World Series of Poker US$10,000 no-limit Texas Hold’em main event, where Moon turned out as the runner-up where he lost the head-up battle against Joe Cada. Moon was much familiar for his working style and for his self-deprecating manner. Moon turned participating in the 2010 National Heads-Up Poker Championship, but unfortunately he lost to Annie Duke in the very second round.

Moon ended in the 2nd place while playing with Cada, which was a continuous game played for 18 hours. Moon was much praised by some of the very professional Poker players for the play in 2009. After his WSOP career, Moon turned joining 63 players in the 2010 National Head-Up Poker Championship in Las Vegas. By the year 2011, Moon turned accepting a deal to become Tour Ambassador for HeartLand Poker Tour. Though Moon failed to win the bracelet, he turned ending with highest ITM Main Event Finish in 2009.

Viktor Blom

Posted on February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

For more than a year, Viktor Blom was a mystery in the poker world. He is more active at virtual poker world as compared to live tournaments. In 2009, he was able to compete with some of the best online poker pros in the world. He is a well experienced and respected poker player doing wonderful in the poker industry. We were able to deduce his play through online world, rest of things were mystery. It was 2010 when Viktor Blom was speculated as young European poker player. He is popular as Isildur1 in online poker world. He is very much focused and dedicated to poker tournaments. (more…)


Poker world is into federal legislation

Posted on December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Following the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which was introduced in 2006, the poker world pushed for federal legislation over the years. The act made it illegal for the US banks to collect deposits from online poker sites to reduce money laundering. The act was introduced so that the players, online poker sites and banks could work together and play in confidence.

However the bill produced in 2012 October brought in a big difference. Though it was presumed that the bill was geared to make Internet Poker flourish and create a more comfortable and secure environment for the game, the content destroyed all expectations. The Act authorized online poker and horse racing games being prohibited as they were betting games.

CardsChat.Com CEO, Mr. Nicholas Kisberg said to FORBES that this would be the first of repeated efforts to ban online poker, where the reason being sited that it encourages problem in gambling. He also stated that countries like the UK have been into online poker for years now and have not faced any issues. He also said that Internet poker players only contribute one of the smallest percentage of gambling problems, when compared to other gambling games in the lot.

After several years of lobbying for the federal legislation, many have left hopes as there has been a notable shift on state by state efforts. There are millions of poker players wanting a safe guard regulated environment to play. As there are still differences of opinion and the bills not being passed, it looks like online poker will remain in a federal fog with no federal oversight for some more time.




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There are approximately 50+ events every year at the WSOP and most victories are won by really one time chance winners, who might never again be that much lucky again. That is the smile of dame luck on those one time winners.  For the last 43 years, 110 poker players have won multiple WSOP tournaments.

Let us have a look at some outstanding all time players.

Phil Ivey – 5 Bracelets and 26 Cashes. He is one of the players who won 3WSOP bracelets in a single year. He is also referred to as “The Tiger Woods of the Poker”.

Allen Cunningham – 5 Bracelets and 33 Cashes He won 3 bracelets in 3 consecutive years.

Chris ‘JESUS” Ferguson- 5 Bracelets 51 Cashes 1 Main Event Victory. He ranks fifth behind Phil Hellmuth, Men Nguyen, T J Cloutier and Berry Johnston.


The World Series of Poker Committee every year announces the nominees for the induction ceremony of the Poker Hall of Fame. This occurs during October of every year and its aim is to highlight those players whose achievement is this poker field has been outstanding along with their contribution to the industry. Voting will be from normally the current members and from those nominated from public offices.

The criteria for deciding the eligibility will be along these lines:

.   He must have played the game against any recognized top competition.

.   Have at least 40 years of age at the time of proposal.

.   Played unswervingly well, attaining the respect of his/her peers.

.    Has stood the test of time in career

.  In the case of even non-players, whosoever has donated to the overall success of poker game.

High stakes online poker television program is also very popular in the U.S., in cable TV network called GSN.



John Racener

Posted on August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

John Racener was born in Dunedin from Florida and loved competition right from his childhood. Any game where there was immense competition took his fancy and he always played to win. Since his early childhood, he took to competition in a healthy manner and this was the reason why he became a great poker player. Though his tryst with the game of poker began at a very early age, he still found time to complete his education and ensure that he had a degree so that he could find a job if necessary. His penchant for the game of poker was so great that he did not require any other form of inspiration to reach his goal.

John Racener loved challenges and accepted them with all the gust and vigor. It did not take long for him to understand that apart from the fighting spirit, it took a lot of dedication to win a game of poker. The support of his mother was enormous and this was the basic reason for his success. She was the one who first deposited the fees for his first game on online poker when John Racener was just sixteen. This first deposit multiplied over the years and he had won more than he had ever dreamt of.

As he was a very ambitious person, John Racener also had the resources to fulfill his ambitions. Though he had completed his education, poker had always been his priority and this is the reason why he came back to the game after he finished his education. When he started playing live tournaments, he already had a large amount of cash stashed away in his bank which he had won from online games and cash tournaments. When he started playing the live games, his experience as an online player came handy and his winning streak began within no time. His confidence in himself made him win half the game before it even began.



Be Mentally Strong

Posted on August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are many people out there who don’t dare to play big hands in poker games. They find it difficult to tackle the situation while playing for big amounts. People also start perspiring while seeing the pot size in this game. It has usually happened with the people who never take a step ahead after playing for small pots.

All the intermediate and novice players face this problem while playing a shot for big hand. Now you can imagine how much pressure is put on the people who are staking a lot of money in this game. Still professional players get success in the game if played with good strategies. (more…)