Ivan Demidov, a player of great stature

Ivan Demidov is born on 1981 in Moscow. He is Russian poker player. He is not that much famous poker player. He reached the final table in the WSOP Main event only two times. In 2008, he finished in 2nd place in WSOP main event and won a cash prize of $5,809,595. He shared this prize with his financial supporter who gave him financial support play a poker game in his early days. He cashed five times in WSOP main event. He had cashed two times in European poker tournament. In 2008, he finished two times in 2nd place. He is only one player who has finished in 2nd place in the World Series of Poker main event tournaments in one year.

He had ranked as a second number in Global Poker Directory in 2008. In Texas Hold’Em event of 2008 he finished in 2nd place. Till 2010, his total of winning cash prizes becomes more than $6,550,000 of which he won $5 million in just a single main event of the WSOP in 2008. Ivan Demidov is only the player of poker who does not have any bracelets and cashed more than $6 million in poker tournaments. He is an aggressive player of poker. His dressing style was very simple. He does not have any fancy and complicated style.

He does not use complicated mathematical concept while playing the game. He shares his money with new poker players of Russia. He is one of the successful players of poker in Russia and Europe as most of the successful poker players are from America. He is currently 30 years old and resides in Moscow. Many poker players are shifted to America after becoming the poker player because poker is very famous in America, and there are lots of tournaments of poker in America only, and mostly all famous online poker websites are of America. He is the youngest player of poker, and he tries to make poker famous in Russia.

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Peter Eastgate has Impeccable Career Resume

Poker enthusiasts will admit that this game is pivoted on variance. The lows, highs and middling bits are ineluctable, thus, adapting to the evolving dynamic is imperative for all players. Then it comes the penultimate eve to the finals, this is the day of reckoning, but the second player is still copiously compensated. Danish Peter Eastgate has demonstrated excellent poker dexterity to topple US dominants in the game. He has also jumped into different events where his skill has been equally noted as well. He won the 2008 WSOP main event to set the record as the youngest player hitherto until Joe Cada recently vanquished him.

He first rose to prominence in the poker landscape by winning the World Series of Poker main event. In the Main Event, the final hand garnered him $9,152,416 and cast him in limelight. However, although this heralded for success, Eastgate was drummed out as he held out his Main-Event, coming at the 78th position. Before WSOP, he had a good cash finish during the European Poker Tour event, 2008 in Copenhagen and appeared in the Irish Poker Open finals in 2007. Another big win was the $46,714 that he got when he took part in the Paddy Irish Poker Open in 2007. Hailing from a less-vibrant poker region, he has arguably exemplary accomplishments.

Subsequently, after his spoils at the World Series of Poker major event, Eastgate has defended his play vociferously. His cash in at the EPT/ European Poker Tour PokerStars.com Caribbean adventure gave him $5,000 and also emerged second in the 2009 EPT in London for £530,000. He was 5th in the 2010 (NBC) National’s Heads-Up Championship in Las Vegas raking off $75,000. By that year, his gross live events winnings were beyond $10,900,000. He is highly promising and balanced to clinching more prizes.

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Poker a game of skills

We all are well informed about the game of cards and the game called poker is one such game which is most commonly played by many people all around the world. The game involves higher levels of skills to make sure you win the maximum points in the game. The game has become famous even on the various online gaming sites. One can earn money just by sitting at the house and playing the poker games online. The game has different types which are played all over the world like the strip poker, the stud poker, the red dog poker and many such types.

The player will not feel bored when playing the games online since there is a lot of simulation provided in this game. One can even get an entry in the international tournaments. There are many national and international tournaments taking place all around the world which makes sure that the game of poker is reached in to new heights of popularity. The famous poker tournaments include WPT (World Poker Tour), WSOP (World Series of Poker), and such events. The players can earn fame along with the money and titles.

There are many famous poker players all around the world holding different world records and titles. These famous players inspire the players who are new in this field. The ones who know even a bit about this game are well informed about the world class famous players. Some well known names are, Phil Helmuth, Kaven Stammen, Ted Forrest, Gustav Hansen, Carlos Mortensen, Daniel Negeanu and many other players. These players hold different titles and different number of gold bracelets for the skills they have. They remained in the lime light due to their love for the game and also the entertainment they provide to the viewers.